One of the most successful Lebanese bands, playing dark Symphonic Metal.

Arcane* have a new upcoming new album soon called ” Rivers of Endless Sorrow” to be released in Summer 2009.

Birth From Division 2005 album can still be found at Virgin Megastore.

It is a highly underrated album that deserves international sucess and will eventually get it. (my persoanl rating would be 9/10, feel free to post your rating)



1-The Call 2-Under a Moonlit Night 3-White Queen 4-Why 5-Des Racines et des Ailes 6-Silente 7-Dream of Icarus 8-Poison 9-Nature War 10-Fight of Angels ( Instrumental )

Each track has its own magic; describing each track would be useless as words cannot describe the beauty of this music !

In brief music it’s amazing, very melodic with a symphonic touch, beautiful mixing and mastering. There are no growls! There’s only the beautiful dark voice of Samer Eid and unique voice of Cynthia Safi. Drummer Ibrahim Nassar have done a great job on drums keeping a steady yet non monotone beat with some beautiful rolls that keep the tracks alive. The composition in all is beautiful. The keyboard instrument does not play a major part in the music but the guitar sound is clear with endless influences (acoustic clean and distorted).

Cyrille Najjar, founder of the band has done a great job in joining great talented minds to form Arcane* !

I liked the lyrics but i found them to miss the mood of few songs !

I was expecting an oriental touch in the music. I think that would be present in the next album.