Alright guys it is time to spice it up a little, I bring good news from Riverside, California. For all of you out that enjoy good old aggressive Deathcore expect a treat near the end of June. The guys from Suicide Silence have been working on some new material and are done with the album.

Basically expect more of the same Mitch and the guys, some great riffing, breakdowns, and bone shattering vocals. I’ve heard a few snips of the new album and if you enjoyed the lyrics from their first full length album (The Cleansing), then you’re going to love “No Time to Bleed”.

The album was produced by the larger than life Machine. Machine’s recent work has included Lamb of God and Clutch. So with this collaboration I feel something innovative can be put out into the somewhat stale market.

I recommend listening to this band general for veterans of Core music and for those who just feel like listening to a solid band with enjoyable music. Keep it original.