New thrash bands have been re-inventing modern thrash metal, by keeping the old school attitude and adding modern brutality. Mantic Ritual is one of these new thrash bands, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (and got a chance to sign with Nuclear Blast !). Their influences range from S.O.D to Exodus to Destruction and Anthrax…


Songs are energetic, filled with great solos and solid thrash drumming. Overall the album contains great thrash riffs, from the classic Destruction riffs to some Metallica-ish Kill’Em All solos. This band is one of the top thrash bands today, along with Evile, Municipal Waste, etc… Vocals ressemble Scared Reich’s frontman Phil Rind.

Favorite songs are : Panic, Souls and Murdered to Death.

The album contains two 7 minute songs and a couple of 4+ minute songs, so it’s not your typical ‘Reign in Blood’ type of album. Heavy metal fans can relate to the album aswell as punk fans. So this band did it’s job gathering some great influences and putting them into a single well-prepared (Nuclear Blast ;-)) album!


Exodus hand picked the band to tour with them ! They also played with Rotting Christ, Pro Pain and Destruction!