Lately, extreme talents have been working together to create epic metal songs. This has been much appreciated by the global metal audience. Some noticeable performances were :

-Guest appearance from former Carcass frontman Jeff Walker on Napalm Death’s “Pledge Yourself to You”.

-Guest appearance from Nevermore’s Warrel Dane on Behemoth’s “Inner Sanctum”.


-Guest appearance from Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt on Ihsahn’s “Unhealer”.


So it’s quite normal that we would request an even better ‘combination’ of talents!

I’m gonna go straight to the point here and ask our dear 21st Century Opeth mastermind Mikael to begin ‘negotiations’ with the man whose band is simply ruling and innovating the dark side of the metal universe, Poland’s Behemoth!

Nergal & Mikael… Now that sounds romantic to me!

Would you recommend another vocal combination? (Mikeal Jackson/Max Cavalera option is disabled)