A Celebration of 20 years of Music:

Perhaps one of the best band-orchestral performances ever to be performed and recorded on DVD, Score is the closest to a masterpiece anyone could get.


The concert starts off with Dream Theater, performing major tracks from different eras, tracks like “Under a Glass Moon”, “Innocence Faded” and even revisiting Majesty days with “Another won”. They end the first set with “The Spirit Carries On” which John Petrucci opens with an emotional solo, a perfect track to welcome the second, more epic half of the concert.

A grand orchestral opening initiates the beginning of Dream Theater’s Set 2. And from there, things only keep getting better. With unbeatable, spot-on, performances for 41 minute concept album “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence” and 21 minute s for “Octavarium” Dream Theater only confirm what is already known; these Progressive Metal pioneers are capable of anything. Performances that capture all the members’ divine abilities on their instruments, including James Labrie’s : Golden vocal chords.

An all in all phenomenal concert which I urge Metal fans alike to check out, Score beats all expectations and raises the bar on how Progressive Metal should be.