This band, which hails from Italy, self-produced their first demo in 2008. I gotta say it’s quite impressive and raw ! I could only imagine WHEN a major label will lay their hands on this rising talent. The demo’s total playing time is 19:25 mins, with 5 songs including a VERY POWERFUL cover of Sepultura’s Territory.


I firmly think that death metal fans will like this from the first listen. Riffs are solid and powerful, drums are just right and the vocals are quite impressive!

Taking into consideration that it’s self-produced, the demo should open some new doors for this band, since the recording is ACE and the album art isn’t bad either !

All the songs have pure aggression and energy, and none of them abuses the time limits of a typical death metal song (except in some progressive/technical death metal, which can be extremely long, interesting nevertheless).


Check their Myspace link below to listen to some songs.

Band’s Myspace:

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