American band StormTroopers of Death also known as S.O.D representing the first form of a destructive mixture of genres: thrash and punk that is well known these days by “crossover thrash/hardcore punk band”.
This peculiar band is famous at pissing people off with their ghastly lyrics and weird behavior on and off stage. Formed in 1985 by 4 terrible musicians wrapping a series of misunderstood and incorrect lyrics such as ‘Speak English or Die’ that experienced enormous attack by some bands, while others did not find them quite offensive and played their covers.
The band members are: Scott Ian (anthrax), Dan Lilker, Charlie Benante and Billy Milano.
Well I would like to talk about their albums and songs but unfortunately it’s impossible to describe the rage and anger found on their 23 seconds or 1 minute songs (not being sarcastic!). Still I assure you that you will like them.

  • Albums:

Speak English or Die (1985)
Live at Budokan (1992)
Bigger Than The Devil (1999)
Rise of the Infidels (2007)
Some friendly advices: Never listen to “Shenanigans” while grabbing your cell or wearing cloths…
Go to your domiciles, download a few songs, lock your door, get naked, raise the volume till your ears snivel and beg you to stop tormenting them, let these decibels torture your body parts and finally feel free to do whatever you want.