“Ebony Veiled” was released in 2006 by Stygian Crypt Productions.


– Disarray

A lovely 1:42 min intro for the album which is lead by male vocals. It gives the listener a taste of what’s to come.

– Among the Dead

Starts off with a ‘classical’ oriental riff, then at 2:20, the band introduces an evil riff with background melody, which would complement a great doomy headbang pattern but yet the band carefully steered into a quiet tune lead by the angelic female vocals, violin and later joined by doomy male vocals! The song feels like it could have been supported by an entire ‘evil’ orchestra as its just so melodically intense. I did think that the song itself could have been more organized as many riffs weren’t being further explored, giving way to some energy killers, although calm and interesting, yet killers they are.

– Idyllic Illusions

This is very enchanting may I say, melodic and powerful, haunted by marvelous piano melodies and deep intense growls. It has this somehow dark romantic edge to it, as they all do in a way. The male/female combo works quite well especially on slower tempos where the atmospheric style of the band really shines.

– The Day Innocence Died

Another favorite one on the album, especially with the vocal duet which adds extra strength to the song’s mood. Noticed some death metal elements in the song which are quite good. A guitar solo is also remarkable as well as some solid drumming all the way. A keyboard outro ends the song gracefully.

Kimaera - promo 2008

– In a Dying Embrace

This is the richest song on the album. It varies from doom/death to gothic to atmospheric/melodic. Lots of energy on this one for sure. Loved the lyrics as well, very romantic/sad, kinda what the whole lyrical theme of the album is based upon.

– God’s Wrath

This single was released in 2004 and was well-received by Lebanese and foreign fans of Kimaera. The 10:34 mins song is indeed a great piece of music, one of my favorites on the album. Keyboards are essential in the song, and I surely think that without them, there would be no MAGIC in such a song. After the 6th minute the song gets really interesting with a great guitar solo followed by an epic female vocals parts separated by remarkable drum patterns. Overall a certainly epic track !

– Mess of Hostility

Melodic intro, pure atmospheric…. Then it turns into a somehow ordinary song by comparison to the other songs! Liked the solo at the very end of the song though!

– Ebony Veiled

The album’s piano/synth outro is exactly where it needs to be, to end the album with heavenly like melodies and an atmospheric feel which defined the band’s style.

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