This black/death metal band, which was formed in 1997, hail from Finland (Kuopio). They have a progressive feel to their music, and their lyrical themes are mainly about Emotions, Agony, Nature, Life, Death…

  • Current Line-up

Risto Herranen – Vocals

Juhani Mikkonen – Guitar

Jarno Ruuskanen – Guitar (Bass)

(Agon Origin) Lauri Saari – Bass

J-P Räisänen – Dums


They will start the first recording sessions for their forthcoming album “Fall Of Icons” on May 17th. The release is scheduled for Autumn 2009.

They have posted 3 songs from their latest EP “Closure” as a 320kbps download for free. Give ’em a try!

Here’s the website


Your Gallows

The Absence

I loved the band and so will anyone who’s into some really inventive and progressive black/death songs, packed with mood swings , tempo changes and a unique vision of epic musical proportion.

Make sure to listen to their songs and comment your opinion through comments and ratings.