After System of a down’s official hiatus was declared in 2006, vocalist Serj Tankian pursued his solo career by releasing his solo album titled “Elect the dead “in October 12, 2007 with cooperation with the F.C.C. (The Flying Cunts of Chaos) as his backup band.

Elect the dead consists of 12 songs, mostly recognized by the professional piano playing by Tankian so as his unique vocals.

1. Empty Walls

2. The Unthinking Majority

3. Money

4. Feed Us

5. Saving Us

6. Sky Is Over

7. Baby

8. Honking Antelope

9. Lie Lie Lie

10. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

11. Beethoven’s Cunt

12. Elect the Dead

Serj Tankian mentioned that working on his album “Elect the Dead” was really exciting, he says: “It’s very wide sounding — lots of different sounding instruments. The excitement I had making this record was the same excitement I had making the first System record”.


Serj is currently touring with his band. His last concert took place in Auckland Town Hall, New Zealand on Monday, March 16, 2009. The event consisted of Serj Tankian playing songs from Elect the Dead while being accompanied by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.


“I’m elated to have the opportunity to arrange my songs from Elect the Dead for a full orchestra with the APO,” says Tankian. “The arrangements will be quite different than those on the record including bonus tracks never played live, and John Psathas will be helping me outfit my string arrangements for the full orchestra. We’ll also be taping the performance for a worldwide DVD release later in the year.”


Some rumors about System of a Down’s comeback have been heard lately. Tankian didn’t confirm any of those rumors but some may doubt that S.O.A.D are planning on a surprise comeback with Serj as their vocalist.