Probing Technicality would be more aptly put than Tranquility. Jaeger, the solo member in this project, playing both the guitar and bass, is pretty damn sick on technicality and composition scale. This album has fifteen tracks all of which flow with a mixture of technicality, a fuse of jazz beats, and surprising carnival music. The entire album has some what of an American Military tactic feel to it “SHOCK AND AWE”.

Probing Tranquility’s songs are all sub-three minutes pieces. In my opinion, there is no need for the tracks to be any longer, the way it is keeps the surprise element high. A personal favorite is the track “Tables Turned Crimson” if that doesn’t get your head bobbing then I don’t know what your listening to this kind of music for. Interestingly odd timing signatures, jazz runs, and synthesized drumming sums up the album.Ways in which the album could have been improved is to get a real drummer, and possibly get another person to play the bass. Now as I understand it Jaeger didn’t exactly have the best equipment available for the recording of the album and am sure if he had the clean guitar sections in the album, it would have come out much better.

You may not remember the album that well after listening to it, but because of its continual speed with a few crushing break-downs the album lends to a second or ever third listening. For those who are looking for something catchy to listen to this isn’t the project you’re looking for. But those who are looking for something different and experimental you can do far worse than this album.