Interview with Elie Mahfouz (Guitars) and Patrick Saad (Bass).

  • Is the band planning on recording some originals? What sort of influences would you incorporate on them?

Of course, we already have lots of materials put aside, waiting to be practiced and recorded. We plan to record some songs this summer hopefully. We will mainly write thrash metal songs which has the Sepultura/Slayer feel to it, fast tempos, relentless riffing and powerful vocals. Other influences may be present, and that depends on what the band decides to be appropriate to play.


  • What are the best live shows the band have played? Do you have any ideas for new shows to come?

We have played 2 shows at Nova, and each show had its own feel to it. Being six months apart, we really grew as individual performers, but personally I thought our first show had a special feel to it, and as a band we felt that as we left the stage and witnessed the great reaction given to us by those who were there. It was raw and powerful.

  • Where does Thrash Metal fit in the Lebanese metal scene ? Should it be given more attention / more exposure ?

Thrash Metal ‘s place in the scene is actually overshadowed by the many heavy metal bands. Sometimes we witness bands who are in thrash metal’s subgenres, which are also good but still aren’t real thrash metal, genres such as groove metal and new metal. Well at first we should consider the number of thrash metal bands in Lebanon ! Not much ! Probably less than 10… When many thrash bands are present, thrash will surely be given more attention , and that’s well known since most metalheads can relate to thrash metal in a way. (Result of Poll , thus the week’s subject)

  • What are the band’s influences?

As a thrash metal band, we share the thrash metal, heavy metal, progressive metal and death metal influence, bands such as Sepultura, Slayer, Metallica, Death, Testament, Dream Theatre, etc. As individuals, we have a range of other influences and we respect many non-related genres. Such influences may well be bands such as Pink Floyd and The Doors and other genres such as blues/jazz, funk, etc..

  • Did the band have any problem during it’s live shows / perhaps before-after the shows?

I cant say we had problems before/after a show, but we certainly had problems during a show. We played as the last band at Nova and they started telling us they had to close the place, and we couldn’t play the entire setlist. Other problems are related to sound managing , but oh well everyone suffers from that problem.

  • Any last words for fan and fellow thrash heads?

We want everyone’s help to further encourage the thrash metal scene; Thrash heads should be supportive in case a major thrash metal event is organized.