• The band recorded some originals recently; are you satisfied with the recording process’s results, sound quality wise? Would you have done anything differently?

I am very satisfied with the sound quality and the results we got. We put too much effort in recording and gave it all we have and it payed off with satisfying results ; of course thanks to Tex who recorded and produced our demo and helped us big time throughout all the steps.No I wouldn’t have done anything differently , it couldn’t have been better.

  • What are the best live shows the band have played? Do you have any ideas for new shows to come?

The best shows I’ve played in would be the ones that allowed moshing and didn’t set rules to forbid going crazy as fuck : our first show (with Amir and Rami) in Cherrys , the one in Terra Cotta > that was one hell of an insane show , and the one in La Cite which had a great sound and went on to be an aggressive night.Well i would say that great shows are those who please crazy maniacs and isnt over until thers damage and destruction , thts hard to be done in our scene because we rarely attend an event and no fights take place and fuck up the whole thing , so organizers always have to watch out for such stuff.

  • Where does Thrash Metal fit in the Lebanese Metal Scene? Should it be given more attention / more exposure?

I find thrash metal very misunderstood in the lebanese metal scene, i dont think its importance is clear enough for people to support it.

I dont care if its given more attention and more exposure , as long as I’m satisfied playing it.


  • What are the band’s influences? Did you incorporate some of those influences into your own originals?

In my band, the three of us have different influences ; as i am influenced by heavy speed metal , Karam by thrash metal and Samer by extreme metal. This mixture led to what we have now, and still working on newer shit. But still , our music is basically influenced by Bathory and HellhammerCeltic Frost.Yeah of course we did.

  • Did the band have any problem during it’s live shows / perhaps before-after the shows?

We had a problem once at Cherrys , because they didn’t allow moshing then , which led to a fight.And for what happened in Nova , well we agreed with the organizers on playing there for they said that moshing is allowed. When we got there we were informed that its not so; we had several arguments with the manager and then canceled our performance that night. But just to clear a point , I don’t have a problem with the manager, it’s his pub and he can do whatever he wants to with it, but we agreed on something and then got screwed. We proved our point there and didn’t back off. That’s what had to be done.

  • Any last words for fan and fellow Thrash heads?

We received big support from our crew and i thank them for everything. I don’t have anything else to say. Thanks Patrick for giving me this opportunity iIreally appreciate it. Thrash on !

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