Insomnium (1997 – Present)

When you say Finland,the first thing that would cross your mind is Melodic death metal… Finland witnessed one of the biggest waves in the history of metal under the name of “Finnish Metal”. Too many critics ate and tore away the Finnish scene, but few bands like Insomnium knew how to stay true to the music they played, they haven’t sold out and they’re known for being so good at what they do.


I picked Insomnium because again, i think they’re special for being the sickest melodic death metal band with a modern mixture of sorrowful cold melodies, heavy break beats and folk elements!

Regarding the lyrics, the dark atmosphere that Insomnium delivered in their music, also can be clearly seen in their lyrical themes that express Sorrow, darkness, loss , despair and pain! Insomnium also seem to be one of the few modern bands that are heavily influenced by classic Finnish poets that belong to the Romantic Movement in the history of literature (along with other American authors like Edgard Allan Poe)

I’m not gonna be recommending any material for anyone to hear, since listening to any song would be seriously enough for anyone to get attracted into hearing even more of this great band!