Exodus was formed in 1980 by Gary Holt, Kirk Hammett, and Tom Hunting. Their first album was Bonded By Blood, released in 1985 ; in 2008, they released Let There Be Blood which is essentially Bonded By Blood/with better production and quality. What i want to show here is that the older album is better in terms of old school thrash quality, atmosphere, and especially vocals.


As you listen to the album, the old school BbB feels thrashier. You can easily sense its 80’s energetic “In your face” attitude with the agreessive guitar work. However, on LTbB, the guitars sound plastic, soulless and more polished which makes it less thrashy.

The production is more professional on the new album but that isnt’ an advantage at all, for I think that the old one was more raw and had more passion! I guess technology didn’t help this time ! Besides, I didn’t like the vocals on this new one: Paul Baloff is a much better vocalist than Rob Dukes in my opinion; I think Rob sucks the life out of the music.


The new album is “poor”. Anyone can see that while comparing the two albums (BbB’s fans will surely understand me).

My favorite songs for Exodus are: Piranha, Bonded By Blood, The Toxic Walls. If anyone still doesn’t know Bonded By Blood, I suggest you give it a listen as soon as you can, because it’s essential for every metalhead , thrash metalheads in particular.