And thus came the 4th wonder of the modern world after the other 3 marvelous Death albums, the masterpiece we call “HUMAN”. It’s a solid composition of Chuck with two members from “Cynic“: Paul Masvidal as rythm guitarist and Sean Reinert as drummer; To make things more technically mind blowing, we witness Steve Digiorgio, the master of the 4 stringed bass, in a most glorified performance. Upon gathering these amazing musicians together, a masterpiece was instantly born, which had a huge important role in all progressive metal genres.

Human was Death’s first true progressive album that made a breakthrough in metal history; its the stage in Chuck’s life where he got more professional and more mature, started dealing with lyrical themes talking about different dimensions of human behavior. To do so, 8 monstrous songs were recorded in form of letters or messages of enlightenment and wisdom.

The proof of it is in Chuck’s life loving lyrics, especially when he blasts the mic with his unique vocals in the song “See Through Dreams “as he says: “Close your eyes and imagine to be without what we take for granted every time we open our eyes”.

“Suicide Machine” also shows that where he indulges our senses by saying: “How easy it is to deny the pain of someone else’s suffering “… short, easy but very meaningful sentences, and all this coming from a person who dropped out of school when he was 17 years old, a person with no higher education but a natural philosophic sense and that’ why when you people say these net encounter statements like: “Chuck is God” or etc… YOU AREN’T LYING.

Now taking the musical importance of this album into consideration, as I mentioned above Human was Death’s first true progressive album that formed a turning point on Death’s general genre, a sample of some songs such as:

“Lack of Comprehension” where we can clearly see Masvidal on the amazing intro, followed by Schuldiner’s into your face continuation and Reinert’s non stop drum accuracy especially in the post-solo part. This song is a classic and for some reason it never gets old.

“Cosmic Sea”: the instrumental composition of Death; Digiorgio shines in this song with his amazing bass solo followed by Masvidal’s touching solo (which is my personal favorite of the whole album ) , and the whole song has this atmospheric touch in it which makes it even more interesting.

“Flattening of Emotions”: starts with drum intro that fades out from the black, and then automatically sets the listener into “stand by “mode to prepare him/her for a brutal encounter with DEATH!

“Vacant Planets” is an epic song with great creative solos, banging technical parts , and well a very catchy destructive song. Great lyrics on this one!

“Together as one” is a classic Death song , lovely song with great shifts, real life lyrics , awesome brutality with a passion which is only present with Death , and Chuck!