Rudy Fares ‘s overview about the past “Beyond the Grave” at Nova: (drummer of the bands Purgatory and Kult)

-Well, first came Rampage with one hell of a show.

-Then on Kult ‘s turn the sound systems were too high, no one was hearing clearly…even me, i couldn’t notice the guitars!! We wanted to give a better show although i was told it was ok….so to sum up, sound was awful…

-On Purgatory, we managed to talk to the sound engineer, but still he’s not a pro….it was a pretty good gig though.

-Devoria delivered a good show also, although they couldn’t hear each other as well, but they were heard better than Kult due to our extreme black style.

Additional info:

-The opening guitarist Jean Pierre Fadlallah didn’t perform.

-Guitarist Jean Sabbagh also performed with both Kult and Devoria.


Nicolas Haber’s overview about the event (Kult’s vocalist):

Rampage kicked off with a great performance playing the tunes the crowd wanted to hear, gr8 talent from these guys; they should start working on their own originals.. it’s a very very promising band.

Kult, Purgatory, Devoria, playing a more aggressive style suffered on stage due to the crappiest monitors i have ever seen, but the talent of these guys helped them pull off a good persistent show.
Kult made their debut with some originals and a couple of covers with a surprising combination(for those who still didn’t know who the members were). More’s yet to come
Purgatory, having noticed the sound troubles on stage, went on and did what they do best continuing the effort showed at the band battle a few months ago.
Devoria, making a closure played out their own work and according to Jean Sabbagh (Kult member) they focused more on clearing the sound in their heads than the performance in order of pulling out a gd show, and so has happened.

In summary, the more agressive and harder the style went ; the worse the conditions got for the musicians which is something not all people are aware of, since they just see gd bands playing gd songs and rockin the stage.

Personnaly, this was definitely the hardest gig i had to play in but as a band and working all as one we pulled it off, and that’s what basically every other band figured they had to do.
Everyone doubled the effort and there u go; a successful event that pleased everyone’s ears.