I was thinking of a band/album to write a review about,depending on how special the band sounds, what themes it uses, how fresh and underground it is…and the first band that came to my mind was definitely Annotations of an Autopsy, the most brutal band to walk the earth, with the most disgusting harsh sex gore lyrics (Example: “Trying sodomy with a chainsaw…” etc.) and the reason why i like the band, is the fact that, unlike other gore based death metal bands, Annotations of an autopsy chose to annotate humans on how dangerous Whores and prostitutes are to humanity by attacking them with their harsh gore based lyrical themes, and to express all that, they use pig squealing and group singing excessively, with low pitched guitar tunings and slow breakbeats.

Before the throne of infection is the ultimate cure for any struggle, it can be the biggest energy boost for anyone who hears it!

The album starts with the most evil acoustic intro one can hear followed by a grim hardcore power riff as a prelude for the big gorefest ;-)!


A very big deathcore influence, fast double clicking on drums, pinch harmonics, pig squeals, breakdowns, group singing and high pitched screaming! Their songs talk about the human race and about what the Autopsy is gonna cause to humans from smashing to ripping and pounding with excessive use of mind fucking sexual gore, with the sex gore masterpiece called “Sludge city” where the only vocals type used is low pitched pig squealing, where it all talks about how a whore is bleeding from every hole, and about how bloody and ripped out her cunt was… too much hate, too much anger, keep it as sick!