The legend does exist! One of the most talented bands around, the Canadian band Quo Vadis breaks its way to the top.

Quo Vadis is a technical/melodic death metal band from Montreal, Canada. The band’s career started with their first album titled “Forever” in 1996, the band’s line-up for the album Forever consisted of Bart Frydrychowicz as lead guitarist, Yanic Bercier as drummer, Arie Itman as the band’s second vocalist/rhythm guitarist and at the same time violinist, and bassist Rémy Beauchamp. Quo Vadis released their second album “Day into night” in the year 2000 and their third album “Passage into time” in 2001; both albums were released with the same band line-up.

In 2003 Quo Vadis’s line-up witnessed a critical changing when Arie Itman (vocals/guitar) and Rémy Beauchamp (bass) left the band. However, the band’s career didn’t end. New members Stéphane Paré (vocals), William Seghers (guitar), Dominic Lapoint (bass) and Roxanne Constantin (keyboard) joined the band. The band’s line-up wasn’t complete until the legendary fretless bassist Steve DiGiorgio joined the band!!!

DiGiorgio is one of the most talented bassists in the world, not to mention that he is a former member of the metal bands: Testament, Sebastian Bach & Friends, Death, Vintersorg, Sadus, Autopsy, Iced Earth, Dragonlord and Control Denied (whoa!!).

With a new combination of “metal monsters” Quo Vadis released their best metal album yet titled “Defiant imagination” in 2004. The single “Silence calls the storm” from this album was one of the most successful metal songs worldwide and increased Quo Vadis’s popularity.

After their success in the international metal scene, Quo Vadis released their DVD “Defiant Indoctrination” in 2005. The DVD contains various songs of the band’s albums as well as all the singles of their album “Defiant Imagination”.

In 2008 and after their concert in Montreal the band’s drummer and vocalist declared their will to leave the band which caused a changing in the band’s line-up. However Quo Vadis did not stop their performance, in fact a new album is expected to be released in 2009 with a new line-up for the band.