First of all, I would like to take this chance and hail PostMortem for their last show alongside Lake of Tears, they were tight and powerful as hell!

About the upcoming Back to the Roots 3, people would like to be more informed about PostMortem’s part in the event.

JM Elias (Vocalist and Guitarist of PostMortem)

“Greetings Patrick, I’m glad you enjoyed the show at the Lake Of Tears Event, it was a good one.”

  • For how much time will you guys be performing on Friday?

We will be performing a 30 minutes set as all the bands playing in the event.

  • I think you will play your originals right ? no covers whatsoever?

Indeed, we will be playing 5 tracks from our upcoming album ” The Dehumanizing Factor”, no covers whatsoever this time nor for the times to come.

  • What are your expectations regarding the sound system?

I personally have high expectations for this one, this event shows real professional work, the organizers are doing a very good job so far.
if everything goes as planned, i think it’s going to be one hell of an event!

  • Would you say that the crowd will be ‘gentle’ during your show?

hehe good one ! I have never seen a gentle crowd during our shows before and i don’t think this time would be any different, it’s going to be heavier than ever.5- Any information about the upcoming “The Dehumanizing Factor” album ?The album is currently in the recording process ; It holds 10 tracks combining a mixture of Thrash and Death Metal, if everything goes as planned it should be released around summer time this year.