Hey Maher, I wanted to ask you some questions about last night’s show (Dark Trail Event) at Nova.

  • What’s your opinion regarding the sound system?

Well you have to know Romantic Sin were organizing the event as a starter.

Regarding the sound system, we added to what was available at NOVA 6 Martin Audio Speakers and 2 Martin Audio subwoofers, and having Roy Naufal from RockRing on the mixer proves, as always, to be the most satisfying.

  • What was your impression of the overall atmosphere and crowd?

Crowd-wise, we really enjoyed the attendance, around 200 people in nova, and very active people, very responsive to our show, i think we witnessed a growth in our fan-base yesterday.

  • Any remarks or special comments concerning the show? (something you didn’t appreciate or like about the event or/and one of the other bands)?

Overall it was a show to remember, we really had fun on stage, and it’s the first time we share music time with the other bands playing, Kudos to Headstones, Dethroned and Crystal Sand.

  • What’s next for Romantic Sin?

What’s next for Romantic Sin? Expect even bigger, and better shows, and the best in Nightwish songs you could EVER listen to from anyone other than Nightwish 😀