Tales of Ithiria initially criticized by reviewers and fans is now very much close to Haggard’s best album “Eppur Si muove” (That descibes part of the life of Nostradamus and Galilei ).

Sure it’s a new approach… Lyrics are medieval inspired but this time all created by the great mind of Asis Nasseri the lead vocalist, writer, guitar player and composer.


1. The Origin

2. Chapter I – Tales Of Ithiria

3. From Deep Within

4. Chapter II – Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves

5. In Des Konigs Hallen (Allegretto Siciliano)

6. III – La Terra Santa
9.5/10 ( Touching scenerie )

7. Vor Dem Sturme

8. Chapter IV – The Sleeping Child
9.5/10 ( realy beautiful guitar power gallop )

9. Hijo De La Luna

10. On These Endless Fields

11. Chapter V – The Hidden Sign

Tales of Ithiria tell the story of a village attacked and destroyed by a fierce army at night. Men tried to resist while children ,women and elders fled. Resistance was weak so surviving men fled and gathered in the forest and started preparing an attack to retrieve their village.

Music mainly resonates with the sounds of battle… lyrics describe the scenes, the fear and the pain. Tracks are sometimes joined by an intermediate recitation track that gets you in the mood for what is next to come. Asis uses really powerful voice over sound effect (suits the tropicana premium gold marketing)


As sample: In the lyrics it is said that a young man entered his village, Asis describes what the man sees as:

“Arriving at his farm house

He saw his father’s lifeless body

pinned to the front door by two arrows… “.

Love is although part of the tale where a young man, apparently the hero or the story teller sings to his beloved (track name:”La Terra Santa”).

Haggard covered in this album the folk song: “Hijo Do La Luna”. The placement of this track at track 9 before the last two tracks doesn’t appear carefully chosen as it’s musically different than all the tracks composed by the band.

Still this is definitely a unique album! Very symphonic and Mmelodic!