Gogol Bordello’s Physiology and Anatomy:

Gypsies, known as homeless people originated from Balkan, this is the impact of the word on any Wikipedia visitor, and this band seized this definition, combined it with punk influences and hardcore psycho like attitude, developing it to become a gypsy punk band, as its core members are immigrants from Eastern Europe, inducing to the band a minor-key accordion and a fiddle.

Hard to remember yet the name remains incorporated inside the machine head of their fans. Superb moustache, stripper stance and weird thoughts define the character of the lead singer of this band, the one and only Ukrainian sucker: Eugene hutz.

A talented violinist adding to the songs amazing riffs pushing the style of this band to its limits by manufacturing dancing rhythms impossible to be ignored budging every muscle of yours: Siergiej Riabcew.

Drug abuser, fully unconscious and stupid acts, playing accordion mastering this fatal weapon aiming on the core of our sensations, moreover we reach the peak of this band by introducing to you folks: Yuri Lemeshev.

The charismatic role of this band relies on two exclusive dancers, more animal then human, unchained wild cats set free to hit the stage and suck your desires out of you, hot and sexy brainwashing you from the first moment u lay an eye on their performance. Talented, particular and extremely razzle-dazzle their role is effortless: hypnosis. Honestly no one would care about their names therefore I don’t feel the urge of writing it however this result of a collision between two secret mixtures: a Scottish gust with a pinch of Chinese spice and American daub in thai cheap sauce aromatizing Gogol’s atmosphere: Eros and Aphrodite. These power puff girls unrated the scene so please if you’re under 18 don’t enter Gogol bordello’s site. OUCH!!

I recommend you people to listen to all their albums which are Voi-la Intruder (1999), Multi Kontra Cultic vs. Irony (2002), Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike (2005) and last but not least (my favorite) Super Taranta! (2007).