As I mentioned earlier, we are interviewing all the bands participating in Back to the Roots 3 , and I would like to ask you some questions about Weeping Willow and their part in the whole show.

Garo Gdanian (Guitarist): “Hello Patrick thank you for this interview.”

  • The band will most probably play an entire set of originals ? Perhaps a song from some new stuff you guys are writing?

Yeah sure we always play our originals,we didnt have the time to practice our new stuff but you will be hearing them soon.

  • Do you expect anything but total mayhem on Friday ?

Friday is going to be hell on Earth! We are excited because its the first time we share the stage with those bands.

  • The band is quite old in the scene , do you expect to have new fans from the newer generations ?

We have been around for years now as i see things we always have new fans and lose old ones cause they cant stand the intensity no more hehehe

  • How are you guys preparing for this event ? Do you expect a decent sound system from the event’s organizers ?

As for us we are doing our thing but yeah we hope for the best the sound and everything

  • Any last words to Weeping Willow fans , old and new , concerning the show ?! Maybe hints about a new album ?

Weeping Willow fans and friends >> this concert is for you lets fuckin bang our heads till they bleed ! We are working on the new album and a single will be out in months Cheers!