Kingnomad is a Swedish band that plays 70s Prog Rock with nomadic vibes, bringing psychedelic and doom elements to the mix. Their third album “Sagan Om Rymden” will be out on July 10th via Ripple Music.

“When I started writing this album, I set out with a brand new perspective. I felt inspired by old Swedish progressive rock giants such as Kaipa, Bo Hansson and Kebnekajse — in fact, the title of the album is a big ”hats off” to the late and great Bo Hansson. I picked up instruments I had not written Kingnomad stuff with before, like classical guitar, piano or putting the capo on weird places on the electric guitar. Strange and wondrous songs would then start to appear…” Mr. Jay (vocals, lead guitar, piano, synth)

Stream the song “Multiverse” from the album here:

Kingnomad Announce Sagan Om Rymden out July 10; Premiere “Multiverse”

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