HAIDUK is a Canadian one-man band featuring Luka Milojica on all instruments (guitars, vocals, drum programming). The music is Blackened Death Metal, with the songwriting and production mostly focused on the guitar – and it is evident that Luka knows his genre as he summons up all kinds of sinister guitar chords and riff progressions, one after the other.

Exomancer is his 3rd independently-released full-length, and one has to respect the effort it takes to be an unsigned musician and still deliver albums every 3 years or so.

The recording quality is surprisingly good, although I felt the drums were a little bit too programmed for my own taste. However, it will certainly satisfy Black Metal fans!

You can stream it in full on Bandcamp here, or use the player below:

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Official Website | http://www.haiduk.ca/

Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/haidukmetal

Youtube | http://www.youtube.com/haidukplague