American two-man band Dystopia A.D. is set to release its second album Rise of the Merciless on July 30th 2020. The album is a masterful display of modern Death Metal with Progressive elements in a catchy mix that simply shines in a genre that can be too formulaic. Expect saxophones, choirs, and acoustic guitar parts that are reminiscent of Death mixed with Ihsahn and even early Opeth.

Every track is uniquely atmospheric and dark and met the mood of life at war incredibly well. – Aki Shishido (lead guitar)

The album has a war theme, as Shishido was deployed in Afghanistan as a U.S. Army Major, and his sections were recorded there.

There are some ambitious elements that you probably don’t expect to hear on a death metal album, but everything works well together and sounds cohesive. Each song is an adventure for the listener as we explore the themes of the occult, suffering, and insanity – Chris Whitby (vocals / guitar / bass)

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