We went online back in 2009, with a staff of 5+ people and 10+ contributors. Most of us were from Jbeil, Lebanon, with some others from Amchit and Beirut.

We established a local reputation as a main Metal Press non-profit group. Our online articles were climbing the first page of Google search results for a variety of keywords – Our article on the new Dream Theater drummer back in 2010 blew up the internet, with over 300K views, holding the first search result spot for weeks: http://www.lebmetal.com/2010/10/who-is-dream-theater-new-drummer/
This goes the same for a lot of keywords where our articles are still to this day holding the top search results spots. All of our commitment and our online presence to LebMetal earned our Press access to all major and minor Rock / Metal festivals, from Byblos International Festival to Beirut Rock Festival, Wacken Open Air, Back to the Roots, Summer Fusion, GBOB, and many more.

Our online presence landed us key interviews with renowned international Rock/Metal figures – Serj Tankian, Kristoffer Gildenlöw, Shavo Odadjian, Mark Jansen, Epica, Arjen Lucassen, Sirenia, Andrea Ferro and many more …

Where is LebMetal today? As time passed by, the majority of our staff either left the country, graduated into jobs, or simply grew out of Metal. Due to this fact, we could not consistently cover the Lebanese scene on the ground anymore, so we shifted our focus to cover it worldwide. Our role was no longer to sell merchandise and cover every local event there is. We had already done that for years, and it was time for other local Media groups are perfectly able to handle all of that and more. We always welcomed that and we hope that there will always be this type of Media forged from the scene itself. 
As time passed by, our archive worked on our behalf – we now work with countless media agencies to promote Metal, establishing a link that we can use to promote Lebanese Metal music as well.

Without any effort from us, METAL HAMMER contacted us for reliable information for their feature on the Lebanese Metal Scenehttp://www.lebmetal.com/2017/06/lebanon-featured-in-metal-hammer-issue-297-extended-lebmetal-interview

We will continue to support Metal, and the Lebanese Metal scene! Into the next decade we go!

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