METAL REVIVE on its first version presents:

In Sanity

In Sanity Q is a Rock band from Beirut, notoriously known for their humor and theatrical acts on stage. In Sanity Q plays a wide range of music that includes Blues, Rock, and old school Metal. Active since 2010, they have been regularly releasing singles, and are currently working on their first full length album.


Thrashstorm is a Lebanese Thrash Metal Trio from Beirut-
hamra formed in 2007
Thrashstorm is now considered as the only Old school Thrash Metal band in Lebanon having revived the Thrash spirit in the Lebanese scene and influenced the upcoming bands. The band is known for their wild attitude and mad performanceز


Blaakyum was born in the summer of 1995
Started as a regular classic Heavy and Doom Metal band, Blaakyum turned to Thrash two years after its foundation. Later on they got taken by the progressive metal wave that struck the end of the 20th century. After it’s reunion, Blaakyum was a mix of everything from Classic Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, some breakdown elements taken from Metal Core, as well as a lot of Hard Rock elements… all this mixed within an oriental flavour, sometimes too subtle to be noticed.
Blaakyum is now the Oldest Active Lebanese Heavy Metal Band.


InnerGuilt is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Beirut, Lebanon.
Inspired by elements of death, thrash, groove and progressive genres of heavy metal.
InnerGuilt released their debut album Slanderous Society in 2011.

Metal Revive


Tickets available at the door (7:00 PM)
OR you can avoid the queue by having Pre-sale tickets via Presella:

Damage: 20$ including 2 drinks/beers.

This event is strickly 18+.

Mosh pits are highly recommended.

Bar Prices:
-Beer 2$ (Budweiser)
-Regular Drink 5$
-Shots 2$

Security, Bar services and Door control are managed by YMevent
Sound and Lighting System , Stage and Backline are provided my Wicked Solutions

For additional information

+961 70 985799