• Date / Time / Location

Saturday September 27th 2014 / 7 PM / Animal City Lebanon in Zikrit, Mont-Liban, Lebanon

  • Event Description

Beiroots would proudly like to present to you our friends and extended family Dirty Enzyme, April and Turbulence, in a live Progressive Metal array.

The music will kick-in around 8pm with a jam by Enzyme’s Anthony A on Bass and our own Ayman Z on Keys and Philip D on Drums. The first act will follow with brotha Joseph and Dirty Enzyme playing our favorite tunes off of their upcoming debut album.

Our sista Rach and the April gang will start the tribute part of the show with Porcupine Tree and move on to Tool. Before brotha Mood and the Turbulence crew perform our beloved and intricate Dream Theater classics.

  • Entrance

Entrance is the usual 10$ including a fresh beer.

On the beverage menu, beer will be our exclusive drink of choice.

On the food menu we would like to try our special beef and chicken Shawarma this time with hopes of having a Veggie Shawarma soon.

Hoping to see our rocking friends out there headbanging along a wave of rockers.

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