We’re back for another session of mindblasting metal at Yukunkun in Gemmayzeh. A wide variety of metal genres will be played throughout the night.

Serge Keshishian from Innerguilt will be playing the metal tracks as well as Noise (Jessica Jinbachian).

Metal night vol 2

Styles of metal that will be played: Heavy, progressive, nu-metal, groove, thrash, melodic, djent, death, technical death, old school death, black, melodic black, grindcore, goregrind and many others..

  • Date / Time / Location

July 19th 2014 / 9:00 PM / Yukunkun, Gemmayzeh – Beirut

  • Entrance fee

10,000 LL


Drinks will be at low prices

Moshing is allowed


Come many and let’s headbang and mosh to some brain-crushing metal!