KAZ brings us summer early this year with the first gig being in the 12th of July.

KAZ Presents: Rebellion, AyZmay, And Deathlam – Live In Concert (check event page on Facebook)

  • Date / Time / Location

July 12th 2014 / 9:00 PM / Quadrangle Pub, Hazmieh


If you are a fan of either Heavy Metal, Extreme Metal, Black Metal, OR, better yet, all of them, then book your calenders and free up your schedule and come down to Quadrangle for a night filled with METAL at it’s finest.

Rebellion, Ouzmay, and Deathlam

  • Line-up by order of appearance

Rebellion (Heavy Metal)

AyZmay (Extreme Metal)

Deathlam (Brutal Black Metal)

  • Ticket Fees

25,000 L.L. including 1 regular drink


This is an 18+ event

For more information: KAZ 03-761 448 or follow: facebook.com/THEE.KAZ.MAN