AUB Outdoors is a yearly 2-day festival held at the American University of Beirut campus in Hamra, Beirut.

  • Here are the official details of the AUB Outdoors 2014

  • Date / Time / Location

May 24-25 2014 / 10 AM to 10 PM / AUB

  • Tickets

Tickets will be sold for 5,000 L.L. at AUB Main Gate.

AUB Outdoors 2014 Poster

From the vibrant crowds of Times Square, to the enchanting melodies of the eternal Broadway shows, to the richness of the street art culture, and the never-ending greenery of Central Park, this year, AUB Outdoors is taking you to the most incredible city in the world; NEW YORK CITY.

Be ready to immerse yourselves in the vibes and beats of NEW YORK. Shows, games, food stands and more will be painted in the colors and flavors of the city.

For once, NEW YORK’s skylines are just next-door, waiting for you. No suitcases or flights needed, we’re taking care of everything.

Awesome acts:
– Nemer Abou Nassar
– Comedy Night
– VRL live show with Anthony and Frankie
– Gino hosting the event
And many more!

Not to forget mouthwatering food, more than 50 games, awesome magicians, and animal shows like you’ve never seen before!

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