Harmony Music Productions just unveiled a special recording offer for Metal bands in collaboration with LebMetal.com. This “Deal of the Year” saves Metal Bands 100$ from the original Deal given by HMP for “regular bands/artists”.

Here’s the deal:


Metal bands will get 3 Tracks Recording + Mixing for a total of $500 only!


Inexperienced Metal bands can benefit from live support by people who have been in the Metal scene for ages and know their way around both modern and old Metal styles.

The original deal for non-Metal bands is:

5 Tracks recording + mixing for the total sum of $1000 only.

HMP - Offer

  • About HMP – Metal Division

The HMP Metal Division is a place for bands and artists to come Jam, rehears and record whatever they need, the Division is handled by people who have been in the metal scene for ages and know exactly how to serve Metal and Rock bands what they need.

The rehearsal Room is fully sound proofed and designed to deliver the highest quality sound, tight and powerful for any Metal band to be able to realize it’s own sound.

Recording available Live or Track By Track for your demos, in very reasonable prices. Video Production also available to Metal bands.

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