Saudi Arabia Doom Death metallers Grieving Age, have revealed the tracks list and the album’s cover  for their upcoming  double CD release entitled ‘’Merely The Fleshless We And The Awed Obsequy’’.

The follow-up to Grieving Age’s ‘’In Aloof Lantern, ThyBequeathed a Wailer Quietus’’ (2009), the album will be released on November 10th via Solitude Production. Artwork was created by Georgi from Moon Ring Design,  Victor Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress and Celtic Frost ) handled the mixing and mastering duties for the band’s second full-length, Drums and Cellos recorded at Priory Recording Studio in UK, produced and engineered by Greg Chandler ( Esoteric )

Victor Santura who did work on mixing and mastering has commented on the new record:

I can sincerely say that the album is the total doom hell, absolutely abysmal and I haven’t had my hands on anything like this before. It is very extreme, heavy and ugly. It will not appeal to many people, but those who want to be sucked into a black vortex of doom might love it.

Greg Chandler commented by saying:

Grieving Age have succeed of bringing out the darker and uglier side of Doom!


‘’Merely The Fleshless We And The Awed Obsequy’’ track listing:

CD 1

1-   Merely the ululating scurrilous Warblers shalt interminably bray!! 18 :49

2-   O, Elegiac purulent purtenance, O sepulchral longevous billows…15 : 44

3-   Till the forlorn opprobrious malady thrives amongst the stridulous indigents we! 24 : 55

CD 2 

1-   At the licentious abortionist’s abattoir, thine disinherited gravid worms adjure excruciatingly…18:37

2-   I’m the dilacerated sewed flesh ! I’m the Sculpturesque doomed soliloquy!   27:18

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