Renowned producer and engineer Sajid ‘Sarj’ Masood, owner and founder of Sarj’s Studio, has announced the launch of his new studio under the name ‘Dark Matter Studios’.

Dark Matter Studios is the sequel to Sarj’s Studio which was launched back in 2006 and has since produced some of the regions most successful albums by bands such as Benevolent, Depth, Black13angelZ, Voice Of The Soul, and many more. Sarj’s Studio has led bands that have worked with Sarj to international recognition and record deals.


The new studio features a whole new set of equipment geared towards providing the international industry sound that Sarj has been known to produce, now with a lot more options for bands and artists to choose from.

“The whole idea behind this upgrade was to pick not only the right equipment for the task but also the best. I spent much of 2012 researching and understanding all the choices that are available and, like pieces of a puzzle, I put together a list of equipment and got the ball rolling.”


Visit the Dark Matter Studios Facebook page for details about the new setup.

Sajid ‘Sarj’ Masood describes the new venture saying “It’s truly an amazing feeling being able to expand something that started so small but has grown so much over the years. Sarj’s Studio became something that I could never imagine; and from the significant success and fun that I’ve had I am very happy to be transforming the studio into Dark Matter Studios.”

Dark Matter Studios has now officially opened it’s doors for bands and artists to record, produce, mix, and master songs and albums. The studio, being based in Kuwait, provides ways for international bands to work remotely on the production of albums as well.


“I’ve already begun working with a few bands that I’ve previously worked with and I look forward to working with bands and artists of all genres of music, located anywhere in the world.”

An additional member of the Dark Matter Studios team is Benevolent’s Hadi Sarieddine; who will be handling recording and pre production services for bands based in the United Arab Emirates.


Sarj states “Hadi and I have been working together for a few years now and the new Benevolent album has been done entirely in a remote environment as he is not based in Kuwait anymore. From the success of the current Benevolent album, the idea of having Hadi on board became only natural”

Hadi Sarieddine describes this step stating “There’s a very vibrant music scene out here in the UAE with a lot of active bands so this is a great opportunity for us to work together with great new artists and for the UAE-based artists to work with Dark Matter Studios”

  • Dark Matter Studios provide the following services

Pre/Post Production
Guitar/Bass Re-Amping
Drum Programming

Head over to the Dark Matter Studios Facebook page and give the studio a LIKE to contact Sarj for studio services. Follow Dark Matter Studios on Twitter to keep up with all the updates on current and future projects.