The story goes as such:

“One day, a man decides to go to a local metal concert which was taking place in a so-called monastery. He arrives, and finds faded drawings of pentagrams and devil horns on the walls. The desaturation of the colours of these drawings, however, means nothing to him. No, he insists that they are fresh. Long hair, black, beards. Oh, I forgot that beards were only meant for religious masters. Guitars, some form of singing fashioned by beast-full cries. Suddenly, he witnesses “people hitting each other like anything but human beings” and finds that the weird, enchanted voice seeping through from within the chords of the screeching guitar is followed by the praiseful calls of the crowd…oh no! Satanic ritual. Oh, and the masks, covering up their faces, the horrible, inhuman …ah, the devil’s work. No, no, it wasn’t Halloween. Certainly. It was the moon’s call; it decided the date and time and place. I am free as you are free as we are free, and we are all together, hah. “

And that is basically when, “all the kings horses, and all the kings men, couldn’t put humpty back together again” Humpty, being their sanity! In the hype of this great anger felt by all the Lebanese metalheads, local heavy metal band ZiX decided to extract a part of a song they were currently working on for their album, and create a revolutionary anthem as a stand against this ongoing oppression we, as metalheads, face!

Their single edit track is entitled “Metal Strike” and is probably one of the first songs to feature artists and members from different bands, such as Kaoteon, Blood Ink, Bandage, Dany Deaibess, Philipe Hage Boutos, and Fadi BK.

You can listen to the song here (lyrics are in the description of the video), and support it as your own, for you all metal warriors and this song is dedicated to each and every one of you! May they point their fingers, and may we blast them with a FUCKING METAL STRIKE!