Bands covering all types of rock/Metal, gathering under the name of METAL 101, plus a SURPRISE band, educating our society about our Metal culture and Musical freedom.

That will be in a fundraiser event.

  • Date / Time / Location

December 23rd 2012 / 6PM / The Box Pub and Lounge in Byblos-Jbeil. View Google Map HERE.

  • Tickets

22$ including 3 Beers [limited

  • Notes

ONLY 400 tickets will be sold, not one ticket more, no exceptions.

The same ticket of the originally planned event will be used and accepted for the postponed event

*Refunds are not going to be available before the event, a day will be specified after it for that issue, before sending what’s left for charity.

  • Bands

Shake well before use
Death Tone
GUEST BAND (we are lucky enough to find all the members in the country for a gig!! it’s been a fair while!]

  • Transportation

2 Buses will be leaving DORA at 5pm on the 23rd with METAL 101 stickers on, and will be going back to DORA after the end of the concert (free of charge a 3rd bus might be added if needed).

This event is covered by will be setting a merchandise stand to support local bands:

The Hourglass shirts + albums and EP
Alan Azar – “The Cosmologist”
Moe Kabbara – “Understated Imperfections” EP
Monarchy – “The Rise And Fall At Lantis”
Blaakyum – “Lord of the Night”
Amadeus Awad – “Time Of The Equinox”
Kaoteon- “Veni Vidi Vomui”
Near Surface – “Crooked Landings”
Ostura -“Ashes of the Reborn”