French experimental band Pin-Up Went Down just released a new digital EP called “B-Sides” on November 10th.

You can listen the entire EP on the band’s bandcamp HERE.


  • Who is Pin-Up Went Down?

Pin-Up Went Down is a French experimental band whose main members are multi-instrumentalist Alexis Damien (Carnival in Coal, Wormfood) and Asphodel (Penumbra).

Their style incorporates elements from Death Metal, Gothic, Jazz, Funk among others, creating an Avant-Garde mix that can be best compared to bands like Akphaezya and uneXpect. The band has released 2 albums so far, “2Unlimited” in 2008 and “342” in 2010, gathering more and more media attention as they quickly showed out-of-the-box songwriting and an overall artistic approach that goes beyond writing standard radio hits.


Their latest EP “B-Sides” is a 18 minute treat for Avant-Garde fans and a tease before the band’s upcoming 2013 release “Perfreaktion”. With a total of 5 new songs, Pin-Up Went down easily break the boundaries of standard song structures with a Metal sound that stretches out to Gospel, Electronica and Jazz among others, while balancing an accessible sound with their unique Experimental spirit.

It’s true that Avant Garde music may not be as popular as Heavy Metal, but it has always been the interest of music fans seeking to explore new boundaries, and all eyes are on Pin-Up Went Down to shock the world with their 2013 release.

  • Listen to “B-Sides” EP

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