Being half Lebanese – though I actually think of myself as a “purebred” Lebanese 😉 – and proud, I’ve created this blog in order to support and promote local talents, i.e: Lebanese talents! There are tons and tons of current talents of various backgrounds, styles, and motivations. Some express their talent in the form of music, others through film making, painting, designing, writing…. The common thread that lies between all of these wonderful artists is the fact that they are Lebanese, and for the most part, proud to be so. Those are the talents I like to support.

Roswell is a band that’s been around for quite some time now. I remember watching them perform live at a university sponsored music festival (AUST, Saida) when I was just starting to build my interest in music and live events, which was years ago. First of all, their musical style is heartwarming and pleasant to listen to in a live performance. It’s nothing too heavy on the ears, yet not so mellow that it becomes boring. They have some great originals- 2 albums worth, to be exact- and own up to some great renditions of modern hits by 3 Doors Down, Creed, and the likes. This short introduction does them no justice; however, it is necessary in order for me to be able to bring to light the release of their first music video.

Like No Other is one of Roswell’s original songs, and, in my opinion, it exceeds expectations, especially for the style and genre the band covers. I was really impressed when I heard the song, and accompanied by the music video, it really is mind-blowing- to think that the music, acting, directing, filming, and production were all done locally is uplifting.]

The Weeping Willow is another band I’ve been following recently. Apparently, they’ve been around since 1996, and, in truth, I can tell you I wasn’t listening to their music back then; however, I can still state my opinion as a fairly new fan: They are one of the greatest metal bands in Lebanon! Alongside some other great godfathers of the Lebanese metal scene (is that an accurate expression?) they have helped build our local crowd of musicians and dedicated concert go-ers.

This group of headbanging guys have got 3 albums already under their belts, with an upcoming, 4th studio album, Impale, that is expected to be released very soon. The Weeping Willow has promised a concert at which the album release will take place. So, local supporters and fans will be able to catch the band live, which is really exciting since, lately, they haven’t been seen performing much!

Catch a sneak peak from The Weeping Willow’s upcoming album, Impale. This song is called The Last Mourn.]

The above article is from Ashley’s Say blog