The Metal Shampoo

  • Facts # 1

Every Metal Head needs the right Metal Shampoo for his long Metal hair…

  • Fact # 2

Other than looking True Metal, Metal Heads need to smell like True Metal.

  • Fact # 3

Metal Heads don’t have time to switch from shampoo to shower gel!

Metal Heads are too busy playing guitar, drinking beer, and attending concerts…

The dream is big… but hope is almost lost…


No! It can’t be true… A Grave Digger shampoo? You’re kidding me, right?

Grave Digger, German Power Metal band, have a new brand of shampoo/shower gel!

Napalm Records has issued the following statement:

“In cooperation with natural cosmetic expert Rutano, Germany’s power metal legends Grave Digger release their very own 2-in-1 shampoo / shower gel.

This combination has been especially created for the ‘It-has-to-be-done-quick’ moments in life. The product will be manufactured as a first-class aluminum finish and will soon be available at the Grave Digger online shop!

Beside the practical 2-in-1 use, the major focus was on finding the right partner for this unique cooperation. Since their beginning, Rutano has been working only with non-animal-tested ingredients. Moreover, all products are completely vegan. In addition, social commitment is a major part of the company’s basic principles.”

Other than that, Grave Digger will be releasing “Clash of the Gods” on August 24th, 2012…

Don’t know Grave Digger? Get acquainted, you’ll be using their shampoo soon:]