As part of it’s “First in Line” Lebanon tour, Blaakyum will be performing @ Nova Club in Sin El Fil on Saturday the 21st of April. This event marks the return of Nova Club to Rock and Metal events, so be plenty.

We will be screening the El Clásico and for all you football fanatics you will get to watch the match live. 

Here is the night’s program:

9:00: El Clásico

11:00: Oblivion

11:30: Blaakyum

  • Date / Time / Location

Saturday April 21st 2012 / 9:30 PM / Nova Club, Sin el Fil – Housh Tabet, Beirut

  • Entrance Fee

10$ including one Beer

PS: As part of the new rules of the Club, no one is allowed to remain outside as this will lead to the neighbouring restoration and coffee shops will call the police and lead to the halt of the event.


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