According to, MANOWAR’s promoter, Sararu, revealed that their new album will be released on the 16th of June!

Check the link below, for a sneak peak:

The preview of “El Gringo” is surprisingly good, taking them back to 1996 with their “Louder than Hell” album sound and riff style, and the gallops and monotonous, emotional vocal lines. Eventhough it seems that this song is very similar to IRON MAIDEN’s “Childhood’s End” out of the “Fear of the Dark” album (1992), it is a really good song, which leaves us for the first time in over 15 years looking forward to their new album and we hope that fans all over the world won’t be disappointed.

However, when one really thinks about it, it seems like their “I made a rock ‘n’ roll sin, when I tried giving into to make money, had to turn down low…well it’s more to me than just a job, and while I’m playing you won’t get robbed”(All Men Play on Ten – Sing of the Hammer 1984) are merely beautiful memories, as Manowar drastically shifted from this statement and lifestyle, to a money making machine where the prices of even booking the band for any gig have sky rocketed to a minimum of $60,000, with tickets starting at $70 – that’s a little too far fetched for a band that doesn’t really care about the money…don’t you think?

Normally, tickets for bands like Iron Maiden or Metallica strart from around $30, but $75 is way too expensive!  And this is clear when looking at their 2012 tour announcement, where they have only announced 4 gigs GLOBALLY with no US shows, thus disappointing the many legions of fans they have from their own country. It’s a shame, because they used to do full world tours including the US, Brazil, and most of Europe. But they have rarely played outside of Germany in at least 12 years, managing to piss off their fans all over the world.

Manowar has released the following statement:

“On March 12, 2012 a select group of special fans known as The Circle, who represent MANOWAR’s worldwide fan base, were invited to a private pre-listening session of the forthcoming new MANOWAR album, as well as a tour of Wisseloord Studios, Netherlands where the album will be mixed and mastered.

MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio, and long-time collaborators Mixing Engineer Ronald Prent and Grammy award winning Mastering Engineer Darcy Proper provided insight into the making of a record, and the specific requirements in the production for a band that is world-renowned for a sound that is louder than any other band and yet equally clear and perfect.

Fans from all over the world were chosen to represent their countries and receive news and updates to share them with their fellow brothers and sisters, and listen to first songs from the new album that is set for release in June/July 2012.”


“It was important to us that the fans should be the first to hear the new music. After all, it is all for them!” explained Joey DeMaio.” DeMaio promised that the story behind the song ‘El Gringo’, that could not yet be explained due to confidentiality clauses, will soon be revealed and asked the fans to stay tuned on Facebook. He did mention the word ‘movie’ after the song was played.

The new album will be “everything you’ve come to know and to love about MANOWAR; and more”, DeMaio recently said in a press conference.

MANOWAR will be headlining several festivals this summer, celebrating their new record and the 10th anniversary of one of their hit albums, Warriors Of The World.

For more info about The Circle, go to“.