Benevolent Press Release:

Hadi Sarieddine, Lead guitarist of extreme experimental metal band Benevolent, has been added to AMT Electronics’ lineup of official artists, marking him as the first Lebanese musician to be featured on the Russian comany’s roster of artists.

Hadi Sarieddine had this to say about AMT’s products, “I’ve recently picked up the E-1 from AMT Electronics’ line of Legend Amps and was shocked by the quality from the get-go”.

“The E-1’s tone fits perfectly with the tone that I go for with Benevolent and I absolutely cannot wait to take this beast out live, and the best part is it can fit in my guitar gig bag’s pocket”

The Legend Amps series line from AMT Electronics features the emulation of legendary amplifiers in a full analog designed based on JFET technology, all in a stomp box design. The stomp boxes feature 2 output options, one that is a dry signal output and is designed to go directly into the effects return of your amplifier head; while the other output option features an emulated speaker cabinet intended to go directly into the PA or sound card.

Hadi Sarieddine added, “if you were to listen to a clip of how tuneful those little stomp boxes are without being told where all the preamp sounds are coming from, there’s no way you’d guess it’s coming out of something as small as a cell phone; I’ve never been so psyched about a tone like this before”.

Benevolent released their debut EP in November 2010, received rave reviews around the region; the band is currently in the recording process of their debut full length record which is due for release with Spellbind Records. You can listen to Benevolent’s music on their Facebook page at

Check out Hadi Sarieddine’s profile on AMT Electronics on, and make sure you check the rest of AMT Electronic’s products on their website.