“The Immortal” is an Extreme Orchestral Metal concept album containing a 66 minutes music piece divided into 16 tracks, and the full release includes a bonus disc with the full symphony stripped for Metal.

The album is out now on Worlds Apart Records, worldwide distribution by Indie Distribution Norway.


Gromth consist of members who have been in the Metal scene for quite some years now.

* Tjodalv (drums) – has handled the drums for big acts as Dimmu Borgir and Old Man’s Child and still hammering in the bands Susperia and Black Comedy.

* Grimd (guitar, bass, keys) – has done different music projects through the years, released a few demos under the name Opera in the early 90`s with other well known artist as Fenriz (Darkthrone) and Sarke (Khold, Sarke, Tulus). Grimd are also handling the bass for the black metal band Khold.

* Andre Aaslie (Keys) – has composed music since the nineties but for different reasons he hasn’t released anything before. He has also been a journalist for Scream Magazine in Norway for a couple of decades, and been an eager festival traveler for years.

* Ole (vocal) – a newcomer to the band situation, but his expressive and highly original vocal is the final piece of the puzzle.


“We are a good combination of musicians who have handled different instruments and styles through the years and are now finally ready to show the world what Gromth is about. We have been working on “The Immortal” for two years and now when everything is set in stone, we feel that we have created an album that will stand out as a original masterpiece. The music makes the concept come to life the same way the concept makes the music come to life.” – Gromth

-” The most impressive aspect with this album is the great variation in the music that makes me wanna listen to it over and over again. The orchestral arrangements are awesome and creates a unique sound picture. I really like the mix between the organic elements as flutes and violins and the cold FX – elements. Well, genuine music makes words poor, and you have made me speechless. Impressive!” – (Øystein G. Brun – Borknagar)

-” This sounds fucking awesome! The orchestral arrangements sounds great and it’s obvious you have spent much time on it. I need a moments peace to really enjoy the epicness of what you have done.” – (Jonny Maudling – Bal-Sagoth)

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