This event is organized by Freak Show.

  • Date / Time / Location

Saturday March 17th 2012 / 9:00 PM / The Quadrangle Pub, Hazmieh

  • Entrance Fees

10$ including 1 Beer


  • Bands
  • Frozen Flames

The Iron Maiden tribute band reunites again to give you a great show that you will certainly enjoy.

Frozen Flames on Facebook

  • Monarchy

After their album release, they have become better and better, one of the top local bands for all you progressive fans

Monarchy On Facebook

  • December Dies Alone

The best Metalcore band around! Released their first EP in 2010, and will be performing for the last time before entering the studios to record their full length album.

December Dies Alone on Facebook

  • Primal

Only the best Groove/Thrash metal band in Lebanon, and the one and only PanterA cover band with Freaking Awesome members u all know and like… You’ve seen them before and you sure are dying to see them again.

Primal on Facebook

  • Havoc

A guest appearance from Thrash Metal Powerhouse “Havoc” who will be covering Legendary bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Motorhead etc. Be certain that they will make your neck crack from all the headbanging. So be sure not to miss it, because they’re going to mark their comeback with metal fury!


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This event is covered by will be setting a merchandise stand to support local bands:

– The Hourglass shirts + albums and EP
– Alan Azar – “The Cosmologist”
– Roswell – “Out of Reach”
– Moe Kabbara – “Understated Imperfections” EP
– Kimaera – “Solitary Impact” and “Ebony Veiled”
– Monarchy – “The Rise And Fall At Lantis”
– Blaakyum – “Lord of the Night”

If any band is interested to sell its merchandise, contact us here.