Metal Hammer boosted their December 2011 issue with 188 pages including a 24 page sub-magazine on the making of Nightwish’ recently released “Imaginaerum“. The sub-magazine is an extended interview done with keyboardist/songwriter/band leader Tuomas Holopainen and vocalist Anette Olzon, going through Nightwish’s history from the public sacking of Tarja Turunen to choosing Anette Olzon as their new vocalist and getting into the movie business with a film based on Imaginaerum (directed by Stobe Harju). Other topics include Tuomas’ opinion on critics/reviews and the road to success, and Anette’s opinion on diehard Tarja fans.


The cover features Dave Mustaine, who went through 28 years, 18 ex-members and 13 albums with Megadeth, with the thirteenth album “TH1RT3EN” released this past November 2011. The 9-page interview with Dave touches several topics like his autobiography and musical history, recent neck injury, Marty Friedman’s departure and the significance of the number 13 among others.

Middle Easterns are treated with an interview with Myrath‘s Zaher Zorgati regarding the band’s latest release “Tales Of The Sands“, Tunisia’s revolution and his personal music background and experience. “We suffered alot to make this album but that experience helped us to get more anger and expressions in the music and lyrics” – Zaher Zorgati


Another interesting read is the “Defenders of The Faith – 50 Heroes Of The Metal Revolution” section which pays tribute to the revolutionaries and carriers of the Metal flame. Some of those mentioned are film director Sam Dunn, musician Devin Townsend, Parliamentarian Mike Weatherley, professor Niall Scott, Metal museum director Lisa Meyer, artwork artist John Baizley and bands like Dubai’s Nervecell.

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