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Saturday, November 26th 2011 / 8:00 pm / Nova Pub, Sin el Fil

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This event will present you 1 musical stand up comedy set, 2 Rock bands, followed by a unique captivating jam session:

– Anthony Hamawi will do some musical stand up comedy including songs from his album ‘nkamashet’.

– Eruption will be playing some 80’s Rock.

– The band ‘Sroud’ will follow and play an interesting accoustic Classic Rock set with 2 guitars, and a violin to add a different touch (and of course the vocalist).

– Then a unique jam session will take place with 2 bassists, a guitarist, and a drummer (you can join the fun, simply post on the Facebook event’s wall!)

– Simon El Khoury, Blood Ink’s drummer, will be playing some funky grooves instead of the usual Metal. Elio Khoury will also be doing some linear funk lines on drums!

– On bass will be Samer Zouein and Elie Khairallah who will groove your brains out with some very funky bass licks and Victor Wooten style playing.

– Fadi BK will be joining them on guitar playing some of his interesting melodic solo improvisation!

We will get in contact with more people for the jam session to make things more interesting.

  • Entrance

10$ including 1 beer.

This event is organized by Rock Ring Lebanon and covered by LebMetal.com

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