As you already know, or might have heard, Nocturna will be participating in the Metal Asylum Festival 2011 taking place in Dubai.Therefore, the band has decided to throw a concert for both beneficial and promotional purposes. By that, this means that the band will be playing the full set of their soon to be released debut album ” The Gates of Peirah “, and seeing that the fees of the trip to Dubai are a bit too expensive, this c…ould be a great fundemental purpose to cover up the problem already mentioned.

Nocturna Kult
In other news, Quadrangle pub in Hazmieh offered a great chance for the happening of this event, which rarely happens if not at all. We as a band are more than thankful for their offer but we still need you, our friends and fans, to support us and most of all enjoy the show to the max.

So gather up, gather your family, friends or anyone you wish to take with you and let’s make this night memorable because this kind of events rarely happen in a place like The Quadrangle.

Also note that the night will have a set of 2 other bands sharing the stage with Nocturna, and the night will also have a DJ playing all your favourite records and songs to make this a Metal night as well as a Metal concert.

Nocturna ( Melodic Death Metal )

Kult ( Death metal )

1 more band Band to be announced

  • Date

Thursday , October 13th 2011.

  • Entrance

10 $ including 1 beer

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