The 3rd round of Global Battle of the Bands Lebanon Challenge 2011! With a Whopping 29 bands participating, this is the 3rd qualifier round!

What band will make it to the semi-final?

    Time / Location

Monday, June 27th 2011 at 8:00 PM at Nova Pub, Sin el Fil.


Arctic IX


    Event Plan

First band starts at 9, Round 2 ends at 11:30.

The bands will play 2 rounds:

In Round 1:

– Each band will play 8 minutes.
– The jury will select 3 bands for round 2.

In Round 2:

– Each band will play 1 song.
– The jury will put down there results.
– The audience will get to vote a 10% of the total result ratio.
– The winner band will get promoted to the National Semi-Final.

Be there, support the bands, & vote for the best! After all, it is up to us to choose the best band and send it to the World Final against 35 other countries to represent Lebanon.

GBOB Lebanon is officially brought to you by Rockring, with the support of our sponsors:

Quicksilver, Mozart Chahine, Roch N Back, TimeOut Beirut, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Analog, Audionese, Vulture Sound Production, Grind Studios, and Freakshow Studios.